A customized and complete armor protection for power cables and umbilicals

... also for Oil and Gas applications.

What we do

We offer a customized and complete armour protection for power cables for floating windmill farms, increasing their structural integrity, thus extending lifespan up to 30 years +, and reducing maintenance and repair cost.

About us

Market potential

There is a great market potential in offshore wind power. Energy experts estimate that 7% to 11% of Europe's electricity will be generated by offshore wind by 2030. The projected total output is believed to be 24.6 GW in 2030 and 86 GW in 2050. Documented by Rystad Energy AS in a newly value proposition study done for Spintech.

Market potential

Our technology

The Unique Spinning Technology offers the best possible Strength and Durability for any given Material & Thickness It is based on a specific & advanced spinning/weaving application for each individual fiber thread- in a conical layer-for-layer structure, in an automated fabrication process:

Each glasfiber thread will in one revolution go from thinnest part of 'cone' to thickest part - thus achieving optimal interconnevtivity of all layers

This complex inter-weaving process is able to create the strongest protection structure possible for any given material and thickness

And resin (expoxy chosen as an example) is applied in spinning nozzle for each glasfiber thread, where also heating takes place

Spintech has done a comparison study on an offshore inter-array cable:
without an with the Spintech armour installed. The major cable producer has proved his satisfaction by providing a cable sample for test winding. The test was successful, and the sample will be returned for extensive testing.
The main design base for the patented innovative armour spinning machine is ready
The technology is well received by the industry. Several global players have written interest in following the progress. On demand, a study has been completed, detailing characteristics without and with the armour installed. Spintech invites the industry to participate in the development, a JIP is highly relevant.